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Manchester United is one of the most popular teams in the world. It has a long and rich history, and it has won the Champions League several times. It is also the most successful English team, and its players have won many trophies.
However, the team has not been as successful in the domestic arena, where it has not won the championship for a long time. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are not ready to give their all for the team.
This is why the team’s results are not so successful. The team”s main problem is the fact that it does not have the right players for the most difficult tournaments. The most obvious problem of Manchester United is the absence of a good goalkeeper.
It is clear that the team needs to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper. The club has a number of potential candidates for the position, but the selection of the best ones is not so easy.
At the moment, the club has only one goalkeeper who is able to play in the position. The player is David De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper has already won several trophies, and he is considered to be one of best goalkeepers in the history of the game.

The goalkeeper position is very important for the club, because it is the only one that can save the team from the danger of losing the Champions Cup.
Now, the goalkeeper position of Manchester united is not the best, but it is still a good position. If the club wants to improve its position, then it has to make some changes in the lineup.
Today, the main problem for the Manchester united team is not only the lack in motivation, but also the fact the the team does not play well at the domestic level.
You can always follow the latest news from the world of the club on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will always find the most detailed information about the club’sthe latest transfers and the transfer rumours. It will allow you to keep abreast of the latest events in the team and other clubs of the Premier League.
Main transfers of Manchester City
The previous season, the Manchester City was very successful, and the team won the Premier league for the first time in a long period. The previous season was very profitable for the Citizens, and they managed to win the title for the second time in the last 3 years.
In the current season, Manchester City has a new leader, who is ready to lead the team to the next level. The leader of the squad is Sergio Aguero. The Argentine player is considered as one of top players of the world, and many experts consider him to be the best striker of the current generation.
Aguero is a very good player, and his skills are very useful for the City. The City has many other players who can be called as leaders, but Aguero is the main star of the lineup of the Citizens.
Despite the fact he is not able to win many trophies, the player is a real leader of his team. The coach of the City is Manuel Pellegrini, and this is the reason why the club is so successful in recent years. The current season is the most profitable for Pellegrin’scollecting the victory in the Premier championship.
Many experts consider Aguero to be a real star of Manchester, and you can see the results of his performances on the sports statistics website.
Latest transfers of Chelsea
The Chelsea team is a young team, which is ready for the future. The Chelsea team has a lot of potential, and in the current year, it has managed to achieve good results.
Chelsea has a good lineup, and several players are able to become leaders of the Chelsea team. Among them are:
1. Eden Hazard. The Belgian player has already become a real sensation in the English Premier league. He is able not only to score goals, but he also can distribute them to other players.
2. Tammy Abraham. The young player has a great potential, because he can become a great goalkeeper. He has already managed to become a good player in the national team. His skills are also useful for Chelsea.
3. Callum Hudson-Odoi. The midfielder has already shown his potential, but his skills need to be improved.
4. Tammy’n, Tammy”. The goalkeeper has a very high potential, so he can be a good candidate for the main position of a goalkeeper. However, his skills have to be developed.
5. Tammy, Tammy. The striker has a high potential. He can become an excellent striker, but at the moment he is a good midfielder.
All these players are considered to have a high chance of becoming leaders of Chelsea. The squad of the Blues is very young, and there is a high possibility that in the next season they will be able to show their best game. The fans of the English championship are very interested in the results, because the team will be the main favorite of the championship. The results of the recent matches of Chelsea are very interesting, and we can expect a lot from the team in the future season.

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