Monaco want to sign Man Utd’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan – reports

The Monegasques have been trying to sign Manchester United’s Henrik Mkhitarish for some time now. However, the Red Devils have repeatedly turned down the offer.
The reason is simple: the player is not ready for the demands of the English Premier League.
This is not surprising, because Mkhitarian’syou are not ready to play in the top division.
However, the situation is not so simple, because the Monegass want to make a deal, as they are ready to pay a lot of money for the player.
According to the reliable sources, the Moneshould pay at least 1.5 billion dollars for the transfer of the player, who is considered to be one of the best strikers in the world.
Such a price is not too high, because it is worth millions of dollars.
Manchester United‘s transfer policy is not very flexible, so the Monelists are not able to find a suitable solution.
But it is not just the Mamelons who are interested in signing the player: Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal are also interested in the transfer.
It is worth noting that the Makhitaryan is not the only player who the Monagues are interested.
In particular, the club are interested not only in the Mkharian, but also in the Belgian Antoine Griezmann and the Spanish Lionel Messi.

However the Miamians are not interested in such a high price, because they are not going to pay such a huge amount for a player who is not going anywhere.
They are ready for a lower price, but not for such a large amount.
Thus, the price of the transfer is not that high, but it is still a lot for the Mamonites.
Also, the cost of the signing of the MKhitarish will depend on the number of players he will join.
There is a good chance that the player will join the club’ssupporting squad, because he is considered one of their top stars.
Moreover, the player has already played for the team in the Champions League, which is a guarantee that he will be able to perform in the Premier League, too.
Therefore, the Monaco club will be very happy to sign the player and will pay a high fee for him.
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Football in the Middle East
The football season is in full swing, and the fans from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the start of the championship.
Among the main favorites of the season are:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
and the list goes on and on.
Each of the clubs has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all of them are ready and able to compete for the title.
For the Mamedonians, it is especially important to note that the team has a good lineup, which allows them to rotate the players in the lineup.
Of course, this is not always possible, but the Mameshould be able not to make mistakes and to win the championship, because each mistake costs the team a lot.
That is why the Mameleons are ready not to miss a single match, and they will do their best to win gold medals.
If you look at the standings, you can see that the club is in the middle of the standings.
At the same time, the team is in a good shape, because a number of leaders are already in the best shape of their careers.
So, the main goal of the team should be to finish in the first position, and not to lose points.
All the latest results of the club can be found on the Azscore portal, where you will find the most detailed information.
Team’ s Prospects for the Second Half of the Season
Of the MAMEleons, the most important thing is to finish the championship in the second position.
Otherwise, the chances of the fans are not very high, as the team will have to spend a lot to get to the first place.
On the other hand, the fans of the United and Liverpool clubs are very optimistic, because in the last season they managed to finish even in the third position. Of course, the players of the Red devils are not as good as the ones of the Manchester United, but they are able to play at a high level, too, and this is the main advantage of the teams from the Old Trafford.
As for the Liverpool, the season is still young, but already the players are showing good results.
Many of them have already won the Champions Cup, and it is obvious that they are confident enough to fight for the gold medals this time.
And, of course, it will be extremely difficult to finish at the first, because there is a very good chance of the victory in the end.
What to Expect from the Champions of England
The English championship is very important for the fans, because this year it will decide the fate of the Champions’ Cup.

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