Manchester United, Arsenal on new target

Manchester United and Arsenal are set to strengthen their positions in the Premier League table, but the teams are not yet ready to do so. The teams have a number of problems, among which the most serious is the lack of motivation. The leaders of the Old Trafford team have not been able to show the best football for a long time. The reasons for this are:
1. Lack of motivation in the team. The players have not yet been able for a while to show their maximum.
2. The fact that the leaders of Manchester United are still not ready to play in the Champions League.
3. The lack of experience of the leaders.
The leaders of Arsenal are also not the best in the domestic championship. The team is still not at the level of the previous season, and the players have a lot of problems with the ball.
It is obvious that the situation in the English Premier League is not going to improve any time soon. However, the teams have the opportunity to improve their position in the table. They should do it in the next season. The main goal of the teams is to win the champion title.
In the next few years, the English football will be dominated by the teams from the top-4. The Premier League will be played between the teams of the same league. The top-3 teams will play against each other in the championship.

The teams of this season’s championship will be:
* Manchester United;
* Arsenal;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool.
These teams have already played in the previous championship, and they have already won the title. The next season, the top teams will be the main favorites of the championship, because they will be able to win it.
Lack of motivation of the team leaders
The team leaders of United have not shown the best game for a number years. The club has not won the championship for a whole year. The reason for this is the following:
· The lack in motivation of its leaders. They have not played for a year and a half.
· The fact they are not ready for the Champions’ League. The last time the team was in the group of the best clubs.
All the leaders have not won in the last season. This is why they have not managed to show themselves in the best way. The following players are the main problems of the club:
● Cristiano Ronaldo;
● Wayne Rooney;
· Anthony Martial;
• Rashford.
They have not always been able not to lose points. The problem of the first two players is obvious. They are not able to score many goals. The other players have the same problems.
However, the main problem of Manchester City is the fact that it is not in the position to win any trophies. The previous season the team won the champion’ title. However this season, it will not be able not only to win, but also to keep the title for a longer time.
Arsenal is not the most successful team in the current season. However it is the most balanced team. It has a good lineup, which allows it to win matches. The problems of Arsenal leaders are the following ones:
• Lack of experience;
o Failure in the transfer market;
• Lack of good players.
Of course, the lack in experience is not a problem, because the team has many leaders who have already managed to win championships. However the lack is not only in the experience of leaders, but in the level as well.
Manchester City is a team that is able to play well in the international arena. However its main problem is the level in the league table. The level of English football is not that high, and this fact is obvious to all the fans.
Team’ performance in the new season
The new season of the English championship is already in full swing. The first matches of the new championship have already shown that the main favorite of the tournament is Manchester City. The City is not an outsider of the competition, but it is a favorite.
This is a very interesting season, because it will be very difficult to predict the outcome of matches. In the current championship, the team of Josep Guardiola is the main contender for the champion’s title. This year, the City has a lot to show.
At the same time, the club has a number problems. First of all, the leaders are not in their best shape. Secondly, the transfer policy of the management is not optimal. The transfer of Riyad Mahrez from Liverpool was not successful.
Another problem of Guardiola’s team is the bad form of the main star of the squad, Sergio Aguero. The player has not been in the form of his usual self for a few months.
Despite the fact, the current champion of England is not Manchester City, the fans have a high chance of getting a lot from the team in this season.
Main rivalries of the season
In addition to the team from Manchester City and the team that has already won it, the following teams are also very interesting for fans:
o Liverpool;
oo Tottenham;
ooo Chelsea.
There are a lot more teams that can fight for the title of the champion. The struggle for the gold medals will be really tough.

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