Liverpool agree personal terms with Keita but will not sign him this month

Liverpool have agreed personal terms for Keita, who has been in the club for a year. The player is expected to join the club on the transfer deadline day, but the club has not yet made an official announcement.
The player has already started to show his skills, as he scored two goals in the EFL Cup. The club also has a number of other players who can be considered as potential acquisitions for the team.
However, the club is not going to sign Keita until the end of the transfer window, as they want to strengthen the squad in the summer. The players who are most likely to leave the club are:
* Sadio Mane;
* Mohamed Salah;
* Sadio Khedira.
It is also worth noting that the club will not pay the transfer fee for the player, as the player has a contract with the club.

The club has already signed a number players, including:
· Mohamed Salih;
· Mohamed Elyounoussi;
· Mohammed Sissoko.
All of them have already started their careers in the Premier League.
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The Premier League is one of the most popular tournaments in the world. It is a competition that attracts many fans from all over the world, and the level of competition is extremely high.
In the current season, the level is even higher, as each match can be decisive for the champion title. The EPL is a very popular tournament, and many fans want to see the best players in the country, as this is a chance to win the title.
This season, Liverpool is in the lead of the standings, but other teams are trying to catch up with the Merseysiders. The team is led by Jurgen Klopp, who is famous for his work in the team, as it was during his time at Borussia Dortmund.
Liverpool’s chances of winning the title are quite high, as their main competitors are: Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. The last of the top 4 is not a direct competitor of Liverpool, but it is quite capable of defeating the Reds in the long run. is the website that provides you with the latest football news, as you can see on the picture below. Here, you can always find the schedule of matches, as soon as they have started.
Upcoming matches of Liverpool
The upcoming matches of Klopp’ Liverpool are quite important for the club, as many of the players are leaving the team for the first time. The following players have already left the team:
1. Dejan Lovren.
2. Mohamed Elyousi.
3. Sadio Mané.
4. Loris Karius.
5. Dele Alli.
6. Trent Alexander-Arnold.
7. Salah.
8. Firmino.
9. Mane.
10. Firmin Krumpholt.
11. Fir02.
12. Fir03.
13. Fir04.
14. Fir05.
15. Fir06.
16. Fir07.
17. Fir08.
18. Fir09.
19. Fir10.
20. Fir11.
21. Fir12.
22. Fir13.
23. Fir14.
24. Fir15.
25. Fir16.
26. Fir17.
27. Fir18.
28. Fir19.
29. Fir20.
30. Fir21.
31. Fir22.
32. Fir23.
33. Fir24.
34. Fir25.
35. Fir26.
36. Fir27.
37. Fir28.
38. Fir29.
39. Fir30.
40. Fir31.
41. Fir32.
42. Fir33.
43. Fir34.
44. Fir35.
45. Fir36.
46. Fir37.
47. Fir38.
48. Fir39.
49. Fir40.
50. Fir41.
51. Fir42.
52. Fir43.
53. Fir44.
54. Fir45.
55. Fir46.
56. Fir47.
57. Fir48.
58. Fir49.
59. Fir50.
60. Fir51.
61. Fir52.
62. Fir53.
63. Fir54.
64. Fir55.
65. Fir56.
66. Fir57.
67. Fir58.
68. Fir59.
69. Fir60.
70. Fir61.
71. Fir62.
72. Fir63.
73. Fir64.
74. Fir65.
75. Fir66.
76. Fir67.
77. Fir68.
78. Fir69.
79. Fir70.
80. Fir71.
81. Fir72.
82. Fir73.

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