Everton to meet Barcelona star & demand £2.5m buy-out clause! Priceless update from the Toffees!

In the summer, Everton started to show a lot of interesting and attacking football. The team is still not in the Champions League zone, but it has already managed to qualify for the Europa League zone. This is a great result for the team, which is now ready to fight for the main trophy of the season.
The team’s main goal is to win the Europa Cup. This will be the first step to the main cup of the next season. The Toffs have a good chance to win it, because the team has a good lineup, which can be called “classy”.
However, Everton’ football is not without its problems. The club has a lot to improve, but the main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing in the Premier League. The main reason for this is the fact that the team doesn’t have a clear leader. The only person who can lead the team to victory is the star player, Jesus Martinez.

The Spanish player has a buy-back clause in his contract. This means that the club will get a certain amount of money if he leaves the team. The player himself doesn”t want to leave the club, but he is not in a good mood. He has already left the team for a long time, so he is tired of the pressure.
If the Toffee players want to win trophies, they need to improve their game. This can be done in the next year, because Everton has a great opportunity to win a lot. The next season will be very important for the club. The Champions League is the most important competition for the Tofts, because they have to win this tournament to get into the Europa league zone.
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Latest news on the Tofties
The club has already won the Europa tournament, but now it is really in a hurry to win more trophies. This season, the Toths have a great chance to achieve this. The squad of Martinez has a number of players who can help the team in the fight for gold medals.
Among the most promising players of the team are:
* Lukaku;
* Sessegnon;
* Gediong;
* Sesse.
It is not always easy to find good players for a team, but Everton has such a good selection of players that it is possible to count on a lot from them. The following players can play a key role in the club’ team”s success in the future:
1. Lukaku. The Everton player has already scored a lot for the squad. He is a key player of the club who can really help the club win trophies.
2. Sessegne. The young player is a good defender, who can be used in different positions.
3. Gedon. The goalkeeper is a player who can replace the famous Lukaku, who is not able to play in the same team anymore.
4. Sesséngona. The midfielder is a talented player, who has already made a lot in the Spanish championship.
5. Gers. The striker is a versatile player, and can play in different lines.
This season, Everton has already achieved a lot, and now it has a chance to do even more. The season is long, and the club has to fight against the main competitors of the Premierleague. The first of them is Manchester United. The Red Devils have a number 1, a number 10, and a number 7.
All these players are not bad, but they don’ t have the same power as Lukaku and Sessengona, who are already in the team of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. Everton has the opportunity to become a real contender for the title, but this is not easy.
Main rivals of the Tofos
The main rivals of Everton are: Manchester City, Tottenham, and Liverpool. The latter is the main contender for a place in the Europa zone. The Citizens are the best team in England, and they have a lot more power than the Toets.
In recent seasons, the Citizens have won the PremierLeague, but in the last season they lost the Champions Cup. The reason for the failure of the Citizens is the bad selection of the squad, which doesn� ” t have a leader.
Manchester City is the best in England. The Premier League is a competition of the strongest teams, and it is the Citizens who have the most power. The other teams have a chance of winning the Europa cup, but not all of them are ready to compete against the Citizens.
Liverpool is the team that can challenge the Citizens in the long tournament distance. The Reds have a strong lineup, and this can be a real advantage.
Do you want to follow the Everton results?
The Tofts are in a great position, but there is still a long way to go. The current season is very important, because it will determine the fate of the Europa cups. If the Toggles can win the Champions league, they will be able to enter the Europa club tournament.

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