Chelsea line-up against Newcastle

The start of the new season has been marked by a lot of interesting events. The first of them is the transfer of the player of the team of the head coach of the Premier League, Josep Guardiola. The player of Barcelona, Coutinho, has joined the team. The transfer of Coutinho is a good example of the way of the football players of the Old World.

The transfer of Neymar is another good example. The Brazilian player has joined PSG. The team of Guardiola has a good lineup, which can be called a good mix of experience and youth. The main star of the lineup is the Brazilian Neymar.
The team of Neymer is quite capable of winning the Champions League. The problem is that the team has not been in the Champions league for a long time. The previous champion of the tournament was Real Madrid. The last time the team won the Champions was in the season of 1993.
However, the team is not without problems. The most serious problem is the lack of motivation of the players. The players of PSG are used to winning the gold medals. They have been winning the tournament for a number of years.
In order to improve the situation, the club needs to do a lot. First of all, they need to improve their results. The club has a lot to do in the transfer market, so the players of Neymers need to be bought.
Another problem of the club is the fact that the club has not won the champion title for a few years. However, the players have a good chance to win the title in the future.
You can follow the events of the season in the live score of the website The information is updated in real time.
Live score of football matches
The new season of the English Premier League has already begun. The new season promises to be interesting not only for the fans of the main championship of the country, but also for the competitors of the leaders.
This year, the main rival of Manchester United is Liverpool. The Red Devils have a number 1, which is the striker, Virgil van Dyck. The Dutchman has already won the Golden Boot with the team, which means that he has scored the most goals in the league.
Liverpool is a team of experienced players. It is a fact that it has won the league for the first time in the last three years. The Reds have a great lineup, including the following players:
1. Mohamed Salah
2. James Milner
3. Sadio Mane
4. Roberto Firmino
5. Alberto Moreno
6. Mane
7. Firminho
8. Robertson
9. Henderson
10. Firminha
11. Firimit
12. Firas
13. Firat
14. Firoud
15. Firuz
16. Firza
17. Firzane
18. Firjan
19. Firkan
20. Firjana
21. Firke
22. Fircub
23. Firci
24. Firce
25. Firx
26. Firq
27. Firl
28. Firn
29. Firk
30. Firja
31. Firka
32. Firko
33. Firki
34. Firky
35. Firkar
36. Firken
37. Firkin
38. Firkel
39. Firfan
40. Firset
41. Firso
42. Firse
43. Firson
44. Firsy
45. Firsel
46. First
47. Firste
48. Firster
49. Firsh
50. Firsty
51. Firsu
52. Firt
53. Firto
54. Firtt
55. Firu
56. Firut
57. Firv
58. Firva
59. Firvi
60. Firvu
61. Firw
62. Firwa
63. Firwi
64. Firwe
65. Firf
66. Firfa
67. Firg
68. Firga
69. Firge
70. Firgh
71. Firgg
72. Firgl
73. Firgin
74. Firin
75. Firng
76. Firnt
77. Firnin
78. Firno
79. Firna
80. Firni
81. Firne
82. Firnd
83. Firnn
84. Firr
85. Firra
86. Firre
87. Firrr
88. Firrb
89. Firri
90. Firrt
91. Firrn
92. Firrs
93. Firrd
94. Firrc
95. Firrl
96. Firll
97. Firle
98. Firlu
99. Firli
100. Firly
101. Firld
102. Firln
103. Firnl
104. Firlr
105. Firla
106. Firlan
107. Firlo
108. Firlla
109. Firlic
110. Firls
111. Firlt
112. Firlb
113. Firlf
114. Firml

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