Arsenal make OFFER for Juventus star – reports

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Juventus have been in crisis for a long time. The Bianco Nerra were the main contenders for the Champions League title, but they were always outplayed by the Turin giants. Now, they are in a crisis even more, and it’s not yet clear whether the situation will get better or get worse.
However, the Bianco-Neri are still a good team, and they’ve managed to show good results. Juventus have been the main contender for the Scudetto for a while now, but the club has been losing points in every match.
The situation is not so bad for the Turineses, but there’re still some problems. One of them is the off-season transfer campaign. Juventus are trying to strengthen the position of the main star of the team, which is Cristiano Ronaldo.
It’ll be interesting to watch the game of the Portuguese, who’d like to win the Scudo, but he’l have to make a lot of sacrifices. It’ s true that Juventus have a number of players who can become the main stars of the club, but it� ’ d be very difficult to find them.
In the next season, the club will try to strengthen its position in the standings, and the main goal is to get into the Champions league. Juventus can be the main candidate for the title, and if they do it, they will be able to show a great performance in the Champions tournament.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the Bianconeri are in the middle of the transfer campaign, and that they are trying hard to sign a new striker.
“Juventus are trying not to lose the main striker of the squad, who is Cristian Munguia. The club is trying to sign him for a fee of around €100 million. The player is a Portuguese, but his family is from the area of the country where the club is located.
This fact will be very useful for Juventus, because the club needs to strengthen their position in Serie A. The team’ “solution” is to sign the Portuguese striker.”
The player is not a free agent, and he can be signed for the price of €20 million.
Juve have already signed the following players:
* Mario Mandzukic;
* Fabio Quagliarella;
* Danilo;
* Gianluigi Buffon.
They are all young players, and this is the main advantage of Juventus. The main problem is the transfer budget.
Another problem of the Biancini is the lack of experience. The last season, they were able to win a lot, but this time they”ll have to do it with a lot more experience.
Moreover, the team needs to improve the position in La Liga table, and in the near future, they“ll have a lot to do.
If the club manages to sign Mandzuka, it”s possible to get rid of the problem of lack of a striker. The transfer campaign will be interesting, because many players will leave the team.
Also, the transfer of a midfielder is being considered. The price of the player is €8 million. This is a good price, because it“s a young player who can help the team in the future.
Livescore-results of the matches of the Serie A
The Serie A livescore-result is another problem for Juventus. They’ re not able to compete with the leaders of the championship, and now the situation is getting worse. The following teams are the leaders in the table:
· Milan;
· Liverpool;
· Napoli.
At the moment, the situation in the Italian championship is not very good, and many teams are trying their best to get to the Champions cup.
Now, the Serie a livescore is a very important indicator, because if the team is not able, then it‘ll be very hard to compete for the champion title.
One of the reasons of the failure of Juventus is the bad results of the players. This season, many of them were injured, and only Cristiano was able to play for the team for a few months.
There are also rumors about the departure of the star player, and Juventus are not the only team that’ ll be in the same situation.
Milan will be the first team to get out of the crisis, and soon it‪ll be possible to watch its livescore.
Main squad changes for the new season
The main squad changes of the new Serie a season are:
1. The departure of Danilo. The young player was very important for the club. He was a main player of the defense, and his departure will be a loss for the fans.
2. The transfer of Mario Mandziukic. The Italian player is able to become a main star, but now the club can’t afford to pay a high price for him.
3. Milan’ transfer of Gianluigi Buffon from Juventus.
4. Liverpool’ departure of Steven Gerrard.

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