Agent: “Guardiola wanted Mahrez at Man City”

Manchester City are not the only club that has been looking for a new striker. The Citizens have already signed Riyad Mahrez from Leicester. The player is a player of the best class. He is a good finisher, a good dribbler, and a good passer. He can also score from distance.
The player is already in the squad of Guardiola, and the team is ready to play in the Champions League.

The transfer of Riyad is a great opportunity for the team, because it will allow it to strengthen its squad in the transfer market. The team will be able to get a good player for a reasonable price. Riyad will cost the club about 30 million euros.
It is worth noting that Riyad has already scored a lot of goals for the club. He scored 15 goals in the last season. He also scored a hat-trick in the Europa League. This is a proof that the player is not only a good scorer, but also a good defender.
In the next season, the team will try to get into the Champions league. This will be possible if the team manages to get the desired result in the Premier League. The club has a good squad, and it is ready for the fight in the English championship.
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Live Results of Premier League Matches
The Premier League is a tournament that is held every year. The top clubs in the world compete for the title. The current champion is Manchester City. The previous champion was Chelsea.
This season, City is in the lead of the Premier league, but the team has a lot to do. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The City players are tired of winning, and they want to win the championship. This can be achieved only if the players are able to score a lot.
However, the main problem of the team this season is the fact that the team lacks a good goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the club, Joe Hart, is in a serious condition, and he is not able to save the team from the danger.
Manchester United is also in the fight for the champion title. Jose Mourinho’s team is in good shape, but they lack motivation. They are not able yet to score goals, and this is a big problem.
Chelsea is in second place, and although the team does not have a good goal scorer, the goalkeeper is not the best.
At the moment, the results of the fight are not so good for the teams. This means that the teams will have to play more often, and in the long run, they will be the winners.
Will Manchester United Win the Title?
The fight for victory in the championship of England is not going very well for the Manchester United. The players have a lot on their plate, and their motivation is not high.
Jose Mourinho’s players are not in the best shape. They have not won a trophy for a long time. The last time the team won the trophy was in the season of 2011/2012. The season of 2012/2013 was a failure for the Red Devils.
They lost the title to Chelsea. The Red Devils have a chance to win it this time, but it will be very difficult. The squad of Mourinho has a great potential, but this is not enough to win a championship. The coach has to do his best to get results.
There is a high probability that the club will not be able win the title this year. Chelsea is in first place, but Mourinho’s squad is not in good condition. The Champions League is the main priority for the players of the Red devils.
If the team fails in the tournament, it will lose the title, and that is a very serious blow.
Team’s Prospects in Second Half of Season
The team has already lost two matches in a row. They were defeated by Chelsea and by Arsenal. The defeat by the Gunners was a real blow for the Mourinho team.
Now, the players have to do their best to win matches. The problem is that they have no motivation. This applies to all the players. The fans of the Old Trafford club are not happy with the results. They want to see the team in the top-4 of the English league.
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Main Favorites of the Season
Manchester united has a very good chance to get to the Champions cup. The best team in Europe is Arsenal.
Arsenal is in great shape, and its players are in a good mood. This helps the team to perform well in matches.
Many people consider the team as one of the main favorites of the season. The Gunners have a very strong lineup, and even the outsiders are not far from the main favorite.
Of course, the Red Devil’ squad is a little behind the main team in terms of the standings. But the team still has a chance of winning the title if it manages to win several matches in the league.

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